Busking: Costumes

Q: Is it kosher to busk in costume?
A: Yes, as long as you aren’t dressed as a pig.

Q: What if the costume has nothing to do with the busking?
A: Buskers are individuals. You are an individual. Therefore, you are a busker.

Q: I’m multitasking – busking and cleaning car windows in the intersection. Can I mix costumes?
A: Sure. Many busker/window cleaners like to stick a .45 in their waistband to increase tips.

Q: I busk with a young woman. She says my Woody Allen costume is creepy. I tell her it’s a homage.
A: A homage to what?

Q: I busk with a tuba. Can I costume it as a guitar?
A: As long as you blow into it and never pluck it.

Q: I busk in a group. The others dress as .Beatles. I prefer Minnie Pearl. Is that ok?
A: The Beatles were heavily influenced by Minnie Pearl.

Q: Is it ok to busk as a superhero?
A: I had a great answer for this one, but I can’t remember it.

Q: My dog busks in a suit. Is this animal abuse?
A: Bespoke is fine. Off-the-rack is a no-no.

Q: I am a gypsy. Is my native garb a costume?
A: Thanks for the photo. I didn’t realize there were gypsies in نجمينا‎. I’d take off a couple of layers. You look hot.


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