half-eaten body
of opossum: not the peace
i dreamt of finding

for On-Line Writer’s Guild


we always knew that after the crash, groups would form. folks looking out for each other, up to a point.

we always knew that groups would become tribes and tribes would compete with each other for what was left in the world.

no worries about the survivors, the groups, the tribes on other continents or even on the other side of the mountains or river.

it would be us against the tribes that surrounded us and the tribes that roved. us against them as we balanced competition and cooperation amongst ourselves.

Lots and lots of space, land, water, forest, plains for all, but not lots and lots of food. We’ll solve that problem by killing some more of each other.

We go out and search for individuals hunting or gathering fruits and greens and roots. Round ’em up. Am I smart enough to know the difference between rovers, neighbors, and those far away enough to offer no threat? After burying my friends before we leave, it doesn’t matter.

for the Online Writer’s Guild