Busking 3

I’ve been busking this week at 36th and 4th. For two dollars, I will write a one-minute song (music and lyrics), perform it, and write it down for you to take with you, on the following subject of your choice:

– Your face

–  Your body, just by looking

– Your body, after feeling it all over outside your clothes

– Your body, after feeling it all over under your clothes

– Your feet in their shoes

– Your feet after taking your shoes off and feeling your insteps, arches, if any, heels, and toes. No bunions need be mentioned.

– Your constitution, after a quick check of your blood, urine, and stool, analyzed on my little portable lab.

– Whether people like you. Just a guess, based on how friendly and normal you seem.

– Your future. Again, just a guess, but I’m pretty good at telling whether a person is going to last another year or not.