Sunday Afternoon

Image by Esther Merbt from Pixabay

reading in the garden with a cup of tea
catching up on some old tomes, spectacles in place
some weeds caught my eye so i got up to pluck them
the grandkids showed up and wanted to play
i took them to a movie; family friendly; caught a few zzz’s in my seat

for In Other Words…


Advances in technology made finding a needle in a haystack easy.

John incorporated as “John’s Needle Company.”

He took orders. The demand for needles was huge.

He flew to the Midwest in the United States.

He discovered, sadly, that haystacks are a thing of the past.

for 5 Lines or Less In Other Words

Night Change

He’s so sweet and cuddly during the day.

Then at night he changes.

Demands to be fed.

Roams at night, killing.

Sort of like our cat.

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Image by Mabel Amber, still incognito… from Pixabay

In 1941
Mr. and Mrs. Mallard ate a lot of peanuts in Boston Garden
while folks made way for their ducklings.
However, ducks don’t digest peanuts very well.
These days, around these parts, we don’t feed the ducks.

As for birds and peanut butter in the back yard, we watch out for those additives.

for In Other Words…


our relationship, it’s in bad repair
but not beyond repair
to a coffee shop let’s repair
and work on its repair
we, the pair apart, must ourselves re-pair

for In Other Words…


a face, special words
or the wrong piece of pizza
sets the heart aflame

for In Other Words


extinctions increase
topsy-turvey world becomes
now only topsy

for 5 Lines or Less Challenge
image by Garak01 from Pixabay


five years of practice.

my mind finally still

enlightenment finds me

but my heart remains sad


For In Other Words


That look in the wolf’s
eye may be caused by moonlight
but it’s not desire


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