the earth keeps warming
with attendant extinctions
we say i miss you

for Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge


little yellow root
shows me colors of my mind
i didn’t know i had

for Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge

Beneath the Waters

beneath the waters, my soul…
but hang on. does this mean beneath the surface of the waters
or under some water and over some water
or just in the water?
or wait, waters is plural. underwater in more than one place?
beneath the surface of sea. lake, river, pond, puddle, my soul…
or no, metaphorical water…

beneath the waters, down in the mud… nah

beneath the waters of my soul, my soul is… swimming…

beneath the air… what does that even mean?

beneath the ground, there is water, and my soul…

this is tougher than i thought it would be

for Go Dog Go Tuesday Writing Prompt

Trapped In My Ancient Fear

When I was very young, I had a fear of incarceration. Shown above is a photo of me essaying an early escape. I believe that this fear stemmed from a previous life. When I was leafing through an old magazine as an adult, the following advertisement struck a deep chord in me.

Yes, I was a cockroach in my previous life! If it was good enough for Kafka, it’s good enough for me. (Although, to be precise, Kafka told us he was an ungeheures Ungeziefer or “monstrous vermin.”)

Yes, a cockroach, probably trapped in a roach hotel or motel, and then next a baby human locked up in a crib, my parents turning me onto my back all the time, which happened to Kafka as well.

Strangely, I’m only at peace now, at night, sleeping in an adult-sized crib and crawling over the bars and out to the kitchen tofind a snack. If my wife turns on the light in the kitchen, I scuttle back to bed.

My wife, to give her credit, was good-natured about this ancient fear all through our honeymoon.

for Go Dog Go Cafe Tuesday Writing Prompt


i pray for serenity
so does everybody else in the group around me
so does everybody else in all the other groups i attend or don’t attend
are we the least serene collection of folks around
how serene are all those others out there who don’t have to pray for it
have i ever met a serene person
good-natured is the closest i’ve got
i’m switching over
i’d rather be good-natured than serene

for Go Dog Go Cafe Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge


market forces do
what madness and sloth have not
lay waste the planet

for Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge

Hard Night

We played a gig last Saturday. Lester Ruffin on bass, Mischievous Waters (son of Muddy Waters) on piano, and me on horn.

Hot summer night. Moist. Heat lightning in the sky. The Hemp Club packed, overhead fans not working. Everybody replacing their sweat with beer. We played hard and loud, tearing the place up.

Mischievous came back from a break with tears in his eyes and one hand holding the other. Cheated at craps, got caught, got his hand busted up.

His younger brother Serious Waters was in the house and filled in for him but it wasn’t the same. In spite of the heat, the place cooled down.

for Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge