one virus growing
in my body; another
waiting till i’m dead

for dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night


cracked cakes of dried mud
brown plain stretched to the skyline
a worthless puzzle

breeze riffles water
blue plain innocent of land
town below forgot

for dVerse Meet the Bar


heavy rain falling
our friendly creek overflows
we load up the car

for dVerse Poetics Tuesday


don’t share spiced rice
with your little boy bryce
baby’s wild howls
may be riled bowels

for Final Couplet


quarantined at home
at first we argue but then
we see each other

for dVerse poetics


leave the city behind
in wilderness stand still
majestic feeling

for Poets Pub Poetics


campbells soup
created in 1869
has fed many generations
once a pop icon
posters still up on walls
glory not yet faded completely
but soup sales are down
way down
campbells faces bankruptcy

for dVerse Poets Pub


talked to a homeless guy today
we sat under a tree in the shade
but it was hot anyway
he was ripe
i’d been running so i was too
no water between us

he did the talking
first about his health
a melanoma in one eye
he felt good though
second about his addictions
i gave him a five
third about the bush he slept under
he said it was the safest place to be

he didn’t get around to friends or family
or his youth or professional history
he was living in the moment
which is what you’re supposed to do, right?

for dVerse Poets Pub

paradise lost

i built an aquarium, a terrarium, an aviary
interconnected, conjoined, merged
bigger than any other room in my house
where the creatures within could
swim, crawl, walk, fly
their choice
in oxygenated water, on sand and loam and rock, in fresh air

i added too many animals
i didn’t keep it clean
no filters for the water
cheap food
the picky went first
i let it get hot then hotter
the hardy went last

for dVerse Meet the Bar and the subject “metaphors”


i am a cage in search of a bird
ask your mom what that means
i want to catch the bluebird of happiness
ask your mom what that is
i want the bluebird inside me so i’ll be happy
ask your mom if she does this
then sometimes i’ll let the bluebird go
ask your mom if she gets sad
other people need the happy bird sometimes
do you get sad
i let the sad blackbird fly into me instead
when you are sad we can swap our birds that way
your mom can help

for dVerse Poetics and Tale Weaver