one virus growing
in my body; another
waiting till i’m dead

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following six hours of kneeling meditation alone on the bare floor of an unheated cabin north of wekweeti, northwest territories, i merged, briefly or for hours, there was no time, with our planet’s spirit during a period of its benignity.

snow covers the land
the earth sleeps; my mind connects
with this dreaming world

for dVerse Poets Pub


sexual struggle
betwixt the beasts can be rough
we sometimes use court

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the drums are restless

Taking the field with Sun Devil Marching Band - The State Press

I march to the beat of a different drummer
I’ve been drummed out of many poet groups
even though my poems are tight as a drum
so let me drum this into your head
I do not need to beat the drum for myself

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rubies and diamonds
we dig deep to find beauty
under red blossums

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leave the city behind
in wilderness stand still
majestic feeling

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campbells soup
created in 1869
has fed many generations
once a pop icon
posters still up on walls
glory not yet faded completely
but soup sales are down
way down
campbells faces bankruptcy

for dVerse Poets Pub


talked to a homeless guy today
we sat under a tree in the shade
but it was hot anyway
he was ripe
i’d been running so i was too
no water between us

he did the talking
first about his health
a melanoma in one eye
he felt good though
second about his addictions
i gave him a five
third about the bush he slept under
he said it was the safest place to be

he didn’t get around to friends or family
or his youth or professional history
he was living in the moment
which is what you’re supposed to do, right?

for dVerse Poets Pub


ready set go
i’m playing a game called Set
you set yourself down
and the problem set for you is
to find sets of matching cards
fast enough to set a new record
when i do badly it don’t set too good with me

for dVerse Poets Pub


wild fig drops ripe fruit
no new fig trees seen nearby
where do the seeds go
away in bird bellies or
for sale at farmers market

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