Wonky Whiskers

When I was young, my whiskers came in in patches. If I let them grow, yes, the kids say they are wonky because they are still patchy.

My particular baldness is also patchy, Wonky patchy.

I dealt with this by keeping hair and whiskers cut short, but now that I’ve joined the Rondistiborians, however, that is no longer an option. No cutting of hair.

I tried wearing a hat and bandit’s kerchief to cover head, cheeks, and chin. No dice. The Rondistiborians point out that the peoples of the Indian subcontinent never invented the hat and we’re talking a billion people so why allow hats?

Eventually they kicked me out on the wonky issue. My wife and kids remained. My wife likes guys with a full head and chin of long hair.

Now I’m back to short hair. I get a shave and a haircut for $21.85 plus tip.

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