is that thing spying on me?
motionless. eyes unblinking.
but wait. it ate an insect.
it ate another.

Image by alexis parra from Pixabay
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tall tree dry forest
bolt strikes from unsettled sky
world reborn in flames

Image by Gloria Williams from Pixabay
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tigers may eat rats
rats and more rats rats in stacks
rats like furry pancakes

image by IrinaPirogova from Pixabay
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Waiting for Your Silicon Valley Home?

Located in a last patch of local greenery, this darling starter home is priced to move at 1.1 million.

Comes with material to weave your own blankets and create your favorite gourmet agneau dishes.

Close to the customer-service/complaint kiosks at Facebook, Apple, Google, Linked In, and your other popular monopolies.

Phone for appointment. Please don’t baather current residents.

For those whose stock options haven’t yet vested, we also offer spots in the local bush that will accommodate a single mattress, starting at $1,000/month.

Image by misterfarmer from Pixabay
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i was asked to speak, later in the week.

bring in a theme, they said, but address it extemporaneously.

off the cuff.

improvised. unrehearsed.

later, after i had taken the dais and utter silence ensued, i explained to everyone that they had witnessed the spontaneous combustion of an impromptu speech.


five years of practice.

my mind finally still

enlightenment finds me

but my heart remains sad


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