Advances in technology made finding a needle in a haystack easy.

John incorporated as “John’s Needle Company.”

He took orders. The demand for needles was huge.

He flew to the Midwest in the United States.

He discovered, sadly, that haystacks are a thing of the past.

for 5 Lines or Less In Other Words

Night Change

He’s so sweet and cuddly during the day.

Then at night he changes.

Demands to be fed.

Roams at night, killing.

Sort of like our cat.

for In Other Words… 5 Lines or Less


tall tree dry forest
bolt strikes from unsettled sky
world reborn in flames

Image by Gloria Williams from Pixabay
for 5 Lines or Less


tigers may eat rats
rats and more rats rats in stacks
rats like furry pancakes

image by IrinaPirogova from Pixabay
for 5 Lines or Less


extinctions increase
topsy-turvey world becomes
now only topsy

for 5 Lines or Less Challenge
image by Garak01 from Pixabay


hello mouse i said
but he’s no longer with us
it’s a lovely day

for 5 Lines or Less Challenge
Image by Adina Voicu from Pixabay