the round gift


i grew up in rural utah near the goosenecks of the san juan, ninety years ago. my family was self-sufficient except for trips to the reservation general store.

my most anticipated present on christmas morning every year was the orange i would find in my stocking. so delicious. but one year the orange was larger than usual, and yellow.

mom explained it was a grapefruit. she cut it in half and sprinkled powdered sugar on it. i carved all the little segments free with a paring knife and ate them with a spoon.

sister to the orange, just as magical.

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Image by Bikurgurl

i like to live around trees. the more trees the better.

when i breathe out, a tree breathes in. when a tree breathes out, i breathe in. it’s not like that with cars. they breathe out poison.

i’ve always planted trees countelss trees. i won’t be around to see the trees i plant these days grow up but that’s ok. my grandfather and father planted trees. we just pass it along.

as a kid, i like to climb trees and sit on their arms.

i’ll be buried in a box made from a tree i planted. we’ll go down together.

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home sweet home

Image by Bikurgurl

for years i’ve lived quietly in a downtown parking garage. it takes a little cunning and craft, but i come and go after dark, avoid the security cameras, and sleep under the vehicles of long-term parkers who are out of state on business trips. i’ve had the garage all to myself, as the less-crafty get caught and tossed out.

but now, zounds, the garage has been turned into an emergency hospital. nowhere to hide, from the doctors or the virus.

but yay. I’ve snuck into a furniture warehouse. nobody here. they’re all sheltering at home. i sleep in a king-size!

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Having a two-year-old requires constant vigilance, to preserve them from harm. Don’t learn the hard way. When they become able to run about on their own, they are tragic accidents ready to happen.

We were enjoying a restful week in Hawaii. No thought of danger. We don’t have a pool at home, so unattended swimming pools were not on our mind.

However, If your child slips out of bed at five in the morning, leaves your pool-side room, and runs out to slip and fall in, disaster can strike from nowhere. Fortunately, our kid turned out to be a natural swimmer.

Image by Bikurgurl
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my neighborhood

Image by Cyranny

saw these cool shapes in a depressed industrial part of town. sought out the artist and bought them for peanuts. installed poles in my front yard in Beverly Hills and strung the shapes up. police showed up shortly thereafter. neighbors were complaining. I refused to remove the shapes or the poles. they’re art. part of my first-amendment rights according to the constitution. the artist came and told me he was being threatened. i paid for his move to Paris. I installed noisy parrot homes in the shapes. Stand up for your rights!

for a similar (true) story:

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Your Restaurant Reviews…

…in 100 words!

Hello, again. Today we’re in Paris, to review the oldest restaurant in town!

No, not Le Precope, opened in 1686 in the present 6th arrondissement. Instead we visit Le Trou Dans Le Mur, opened in 1466! Enter through a hard-to-find hole in a wall in the neighboring 5th arrondissement on the city’s oldest street, Rue Saint Jacques. Take care; there is road construction going on.

Here you will find four tables, attended to by a Vietnamese family of eleven. I recommend the Cuisses de grenouilles, so fresh they must have just hopped out of the Siene… More in next 100 words.

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Long Time No See

Image by Cyranny

Hi, all. Been a while since I wrote. Just found this old photo of the fountain in front of the house. Bruce was the model for the statue, you probably recall.

Not a lot to tell since last I wrote. Adjusting to all the changes here. Not like it used to be, that’s for sure. We keep an eye on your situation as well. I’m sure you’re coping somehow. You’re all so smart and strong.

Miss you. Think of you every day.

By the way, the seawater has got up to Bruce-the-statue’s neck by now. Still rising.

Love to all.


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getting away from it all


It’s not as hard to sit on the edge of a tall building as you might think. Philippe Petit did it before wire-walking between the twin towers of the World Trade Center.

Every building is different, but one way or another, most are not perfectly secure.

I have sat on the edge of buildings higher than fifty stories in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit (the easiest), Atlanta, Los Angeles (money had to change hands). and San Francisco (where I was the highest).

I never lost concentration, slipping off, and a sudden gust of wind only caught me once.


Photo by Yeshi Kangrang
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