Otter praying

except for humans
animals don’t use prayer
we can pray for them

for Thursday Inspiration


pass but the rest carry on
each life leaves traces

for Poets Pub


beleaguered nature
evolved us but now looks for
ways to remove us

for Your Daily Word Prompt


nature’s cake was big
and we had the whole of it
now we’ve eaten it

for Ragtag Daily Prompt


the earth as our boat
sailing through the dark ether
is shipping water

for Fandango’s One-Word Prompt

begging the question

once in a lifetime
you will experience something
that you experience only
once in a lifetime

this may occur many times
but it is guaranteed to happen
happily once at the beginning
sadly once at the end

fpr Reena’s Exploration Challenge


he needled me because
i like them harmony grits
but they’re good
take that to the bank

for Three Things Challenge

Fandango’s Provocative Question

Q: Are you the same person on your blog as you are in real life? Do you like yourself more in the virtual world than you do in the real world?

A: The reader of my blog projects a person into the experience. Who that person is, I don’t know. It isn’t me because I’m over here. I don’t know if I’d like that person or not; or whether I’d like the person doing the projecting; but I frequently like the person I project onto their blogs.

for Fandango’s Provocative Question


Image by Bikurgurl

i like to live around trees. the more trees the better.

when i breathe out, a tree breathes in. when a tree breathes out, i breathe in. it’s not like that with cars. they breathe out poison.

i’ve always planted trees countelss trees. i won’t be around to see the trees i plant these days grow up but that’s ok. my grandfather and father planted trees. we just pass it along.

as a kid, i like to climb trees and sit on their arms.

i’ll be buried in a box made from a tree i planted. we’ll go down together.

for 100 Word Wednesday


January MorgueFIle a2fcb55ca5db1109b34c023e488b84fc

i live in a cave and i have one candle. i want it to last a year.

why use a candle when i have a fire? less smoke. don’t have to feed it. votive purposes. keeping a vigil. i light it for one hundred breaths, then pinch it out. will it last a year? i can always breathe faster.

i’ve made candles. cut the hard fat off a deer. render it down. hard fat is tallow. don’t use fat from a wild pig. that’s lard.

cut the tallow into 1″ cubes. remove any meat, blood, tendon or sinew. grind it up. you’ll need more than a pound.

boil and simmer out the fat. strain it off. Let it dry overnight. rinse it. break it up in a pan sitting in a pan of boiling water to melt it. run it through a filter. let it cool.

now you can use some false tinder fungus as a wick and make some candles.

i wouldn’t use a candle like that for votive purposes because it is made by the hand of man. I want a candle made by a machine, so it isn’t contaminated.