love token

he called it a love token

i call it a baby


when grown

will be nothing like his father

my kiss his love token

and for his father



For dVerse


stalking not sneaking

nightly dinner needs fulfilled

law of the jungle


For Ronovan Writes


my husband is not the typical husband

he is the stereotypical atypical husband

that is, more caring than the norm,

if what my friends tell me, represents the norm

he is prototypically unusual

yet within the marriage he is an

archetype of typicality

of being typical of himself

angel that he is, i must learn

to endure his foibles


For The Daily Post



Do animals imagine or only react?

I have seen the dreaming dog.

Do they guess?

I have seen the ambivalent cat. Stepping out. I guess. Stepping back. I guess not.

Are they pensive?

I have seen the thoughtful bird. The motion of its feathers betrays its mood.

They like me, or is that my imagination?


For Pic and a Word

the leaders

two men

their tension

freeze melt freeze melt

a billion lives

East and West

hang upon

their whims


For Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie

Wordle Challenge

to treat a fairy with cancer
of her transparent wings
whether to cure her
or effect a suppression of the symptoms
i assure you this
sounding far-fetched
but etched in elfame granite
cannot go sideways:
begin with chamomile
end with bleach


For Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie


spoke today to a
highly placed religious
who tells me
is considering another


For Daily Post


he is dim

his prospects are dim

but he can dim the light in the kitchen

and make some great

dim sum


For Daily Post

wife beater


please quit calling my shirt
a wife beater
i don’t beat my wife
although you wouldn’t know that
and please quit trying to pull it off
or i’m gonna have to slug you


Photo: Google
For Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie


day to day
animals eat each other
a rough way to run the world but
nature would have it that way
while perversely burning
fields and forests
to roast not just
prey but
predators too
who might enjoy
a nice cooked meal

For dVerse