dear diary

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

moved into our new home today. our old home was a mess so it was time for a change. now that we can’t cut down trees anymore, we’ve gone underground like everyone else.

helps manage the heat if you go deep enough.

once settled we followed the law and demolished the old homestead and planted trees in its place and around the grounds.  a mixture as specified by latest studies, to assure biodiversity and create fire resistance. also planted bushes. as a plus for being good citizens, we got to include fruit and nut varieties.

so, more trees to take in carbon and breathe out oxygen. some future generation will live on a temperate earth.

we’re digging a tunnel to our next-door neighbors. carol is my best friend so that’s a good thing. good fences make good neighbors but we’ll settle for a little door in the tunnel that locks from both sides. our parents don’t want carol and me yakking all day long.

at night it’s almost cool. some local trees have ladder slats nailed to them so you can climb almost to the canopy. up there through gaps in the branches you can see the stars.

for Sunday Photo Fiction

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