fortune teller

“welcome. come in and sit down.”
“ha ha. this was a birthday gift. needless to say, i don’t believe in any of this.”
“just the same, i want to give you your money’s worth. coffee or tea?”
“well … sure … coffee please.”
“here you are … now i’ll just lay out the cards … so … you’ve met someone or you are going to meet someone.”
“ha. that would be annie.”
“you are attracted to annie.”
“sure. who wouldn’t be?”
“but there are difficulties.”
“what kind of difficulties?”
“you are shy. your position is a modest one. you have been unlucky in love.”
“now hang on … i’m … but the coffee is good…”
“bottomless cup. let me top you off.”
“thanks … so … you’re saying it’s hopeless?”
“is annie beautiful?”
“well … not really. but she’s beautiful to me, if you know what i mean.”
“is she above you … in position … is she smarter than you?”
“look, i’m not an idiot. i’ve had plenty of experience … or bad luck … but annie, she’s just, you know, a young lady new on the job. you say i’m shy, but if i am, she is too. is she smarter than me? probably in some ways but not in others … one of my friends … well, one of the guys , was making fun of her. what an idiot. i told him to shut up, he was acting like a jerk. i told him she was definitely better looking and smarter than he was.”
“have you asked her out?”
“no, not yet … so you’re the fortune teller. tell me my fortune.”
“you’re going to ask her out and then you’re going to come back here next week and tell me what happened.”

for Sunday Writing Prompt

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