“ok, everybody stop and listen up!”
“whew, thank goodness. i was about to toss my cookies.”
“i was going to toss my lunch.”
“i was going to…”
“ok, pipe down! we’ve got to pick a squad captain. anybody interested in the job?”
“i’ll toss my hat in the ring.”
“i’ve got a couple of names i’d like to toss off. guys who aren’t here.
“ok, name ’em. we’ll toss them around.”
“hey, wait a minute! are you ignoring me? i’m standing right here.”
“ok, we’re not tossing you out, but we’re also not tossing off all the others. what does everybody think?”
“it’s a toss up. they’re all the same.”
“not worth tossing ideas back and forth. just pick one.”
“except this clown here who should toss in the sponge.”
“yeah. toss in the towel.”
“you can’t just toss me aside! toss me a bone here!”
“ok. we’ll toss for it. heads you stay in the running, tails you don’t. i don’t really give a toss … and … you’re out … and you’ve got k.p., so head back to the cafeteria and start tossing the salads..”

for Stream of Consciousness Saturday

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