tough relationship

Photo courtesy ofSue-Z

kicked out of the house again. i deserve it. i was mean. must learn to resolve differences with my partner in a more civil manner. must suppress my impulse to take everything personally and to “counter-punch” during arguments, and must stop using “air quotes,” as it makes my partner crazy.

so i’ve been expelled to the doghouse for the night, the doghouse actually being the “doghouse,” meaning the back yard, which is really the copse behind our home.

first time this happened, i brought out a sleeping bag. second time, a mister coffee on a long extension cord. i’ve got books and magazines out here, but what will i do when the rains come? added a lamp to the extension cord, and a smart tv and sound system, creating an outdoor “man cave.” which causes my partner to shout out the back window to “turn it off, it’s three in the morning for christ’s sake!”

do i build an actual super-size dog house? a tree house? a bomb shelter? extend the back porch? bring the car around from the front? somehow construct my own little “pied a terre”?

for Sunday Photo Fiction

2 Responses

  1. I don’t think he understands why he’s in the “doghouse.”
    Then again . . .
    Maybe she doesn’t understand why he’s his doghouse has become his man cave.

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