the future is now

“coffee, tea, or me?”
“i’m sorry. i mean, are you here to buy some coffee or tea, or for a taro reading in the back?”
“well, for coffee…”
“buy five pounds and the taro reading is free.”
“huh. ok, i’ll take five pounds.”
“you can choose the type later. let’s go back for the reading … there, sit … i’ll lay out the cards. hmm. iā€™m learning about important dates in history. wanna be one of them?”
“i said … the cards show that there is romance in your future … are you a time traveler? cause I see you in my future.”
“those cards … what are those pictures on them … they’re…”
“listen, honey … pay attention… my love for you is like diarrhea, i just can’t hold it in.”
“wait. i’m going to get sick?”
“for the love of … did you invent the airplane? because you seem wright for me.”
“wow. i have no idea what any of this means, but it sounds important.”
“it means you’re going to meet someone and have a … a romantic encounter.”
“what will she look like?”
“red hair.”
“like yours? how tall?”
“my height.”
“my weight.”
“what sign?”
“what sign do you want?”
“hopefully, pisces.”
“she’s a pisces.”
“wow. let me go pick out my coffee and get home in case she comes by.”

for Stream of Conciousness Saturday

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  1. Lol it lovely šŸ’œ

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