slow decay

my body is not decaying. not yet, because i am still alive and i am not plagued by a gangrenous limb or hosting any sort of flesh-eating bacteria.
it’s my life that’s decaying, and along with it, my soul.

lost my job and then my spouse and kids. lost the house and then the car. lost my respect and then my personal physical safety. lost my mind.

but wait. that is not slow decay. it happened in a blink. thinking back, it might have happened in a day, to be followed by a timeless gray and black stretch of sidewalks and doorways and featureless people.

i honor my body, though. it doesn’t quit. keeps on going. too dumb not to.

for The On-line Writer’s Guild

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5 Responses

  1. Thanks for writing this one. I like, especially the descriptions of the grey and black sidewalks… and the featureless people. Nicely done.

  2. I can imagine more than a few folks who might your character…
    Scary to think of just how many.

  3. very expressive. Well written.

  4. Very expressive, well written.

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