new job

when i got this job, they told me i’d be a “guardian” and i thought wow. big step up from my position as bag boy at the vegetable stand. come to find out, i walk a route around the keep three times a shift to confirm the dragons are still there and haven’t flown off or been stolen. the rest of my time is spent cleaning dragon poop out of the lairs, dodging blasts of flame in my asbestos guardian suit, and filling troughs with dragon chow. once a week i do a count of the eggs, adjusting the temperature on the warming blankets depending on egg age. when the eggs hatch i’m the one feeding the infants dragon formula from cast-iron bottles with nipples made from hollowed-out gneiss chunks. the good news: i’m ripped.

do dragons ever make friends with guardians, seeing as how we feed them, babysit for them and clean up after them? no.

for Sunday Writing Prompt

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  1. Love this Joe. Thanks for the link

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