“ok, ladies, fan out.”
“i’m not a fan of this.”
“you’ve got a case of the fantods. it’ll be fantastic.”
“i don’t fancy our chances. aren’t we just fanning the flames?”
“you signed up. don’t be a fair-weather fan.”
“i’m worried it’s all going to hit the fan.”
“quit fanning the breeze and get to it, fancy pants. show them some fancy footwork.”
“fancy-schmancy. doing fandangos and fan-dances in front of all these lonely guys could cause a riot. I don’t fancy our chances.”
“that’s a fantasy. these aren’t fanatics, they’re fanboys.”
“they may start fantasizing.”
“if they touch your fanny, show them your fangs.”

for Stream of Consicousness Saturday

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  1. Well written πŸ™‚

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