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i live in a cave and i have one candle. i want it to last a year.

why use a candle when i have a fire? less smoke. don’t have to feed it. votive purposes. keeping a vigil. i light it for one hundred breaths, then pinch it out. will it last a year? i can always breathe faster.

i’ve made candles. cut the hard fat off a deer. render it down. hard fat is tallow. don’t use fat from a wild pig. that’s lard.

cut the tallow into 1″ cubes. remove any meat, blood, tendon or sinew. grind it up. you’ll need more than a pound.

boil and simmer out the fat. strain it off. Let it dry overnight. rinse it. break it up in a pan sitting in a pan of boiling water to melt it. run it through a filter. let it cool.

now you can use some false tinder fungus as a wick and make some candles.

i wouldn’t use a candle like that for votive purposes because it is made by the hand of man. I want a candle made by a machine, so it isn’t contaminated.


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