stuck in place, needing a change. dug out the old yellow root and mashed up a small piece of it. Brewed a sort of tea with it.

one cup sent me to the other place, where my ancestors live among the multitudes of those gone before and the nature spirits still attached to our world.

there are spirits happy and sad. it is the sad ones who come to me. they take comfort in me. the nature spirits can cause catastrophes in our world but they don’t create discord in humans.

did i stay an hour or a year or forever? no way to tell. no time flows there. some who go don’t come back.

for V.J.’s Weekly Challenge

4 Responses

  1. Not to make light of your experience but I am reminded of an old adage from my youth: “Take a trip and never leave the farm”. Cannot remember where it originated. You’ve certainly captured a snapshot of being transported.

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