foxes can be bred
domesticated like dogs
it takes a long time

for The Sunday Muse

13 Responses

  1. Trust is hard to earn indeed. Great haiku!

  2. I like my foxes wild. I enjoyed your fox haiku!

  3. Wayfaring Stranger is playing on my sound system right now by the Haden Triplets … strangely fitting for your great haiku.

  4. You sure about that? 🙂

  5. A simple statement concealing all kinds of other questions.

  6. Oh, but I so want wild things to stay wild

  7. Why does man insist on tampering with nature. I’m not a fan of wolf dogs nor will I be of fox dogs. Nature cannot be improved upon, sez I!

    • hi, beverly. if the tamer foxes around here get into the dogfood we leave out for the dogs and gradually get more tame, don’t blame me. nature randomly invented the domestication gene and it has served the wild dogs well. now they’re all pampered and taken out for walks in the city. that’s nature for you, sez i. cheers. 🙂

  8. Ok! I’m sure it’s take a long time!

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