lone bird reed in mouth
nesting on estuary bank
i harvest oysters

for Three Things Challenge


nature will not help
if its laws don’t permit it
i’m better than that

for Word of the Day Challenge

Honeymoon Destination

Lamplight City Windows Another sewer screenshot from yet another game...

More than a billion souls on the planet have no access to electricity, but there aren’t many cities completely bereft of it. Ngambonala is one of them. No wires, no juice. But at night, lustrous lamplight. Wander the streets with you lover on your arm, bathed in the warm yellow glow poured from the windows of preindustrial shops. Carry a gun, though, to protect yourselves from the desperately poor. The good news: you’ll be the only one so armed. Those who attack you will be using machetes, iron bars, and clubs.

for Writing Prompts


is nature offline
while we discuss her online
it’s getting warmer

for Ragtag Daily Prompt


nature doesn’t relegate
evolution is random
death relegates

for Your Daily Word Prompt


birdsong in nature
messages broadcast to all
i sing to myself

for Discover Prompts


some mate for life but
when the mate is lost it is
hard to start over

for Music Challenges

new invention

“They won’t patent it,” I said, when I had returned to Naples from Rome.
“Of course not. You can’t patent a recipe,” said my friend, the chef Raffaele Esposito.
“I thought if I petitioned the pope…”
“Listen, everyone eats flatbread. This focaccia…”
“This family-sized piadina or borlengo or … I can serve it to King Umberto and Queen Margherita. They are visiting Naples. I am to make a meal for them. Let me use your invention,”
This was in 1889. He served it, they liked it, and shortly my name was lost to history and Raffaele’s name was elevated.

for Fiction Challenge

current status

in deep cover.
not knee-deep,
in too deep.
took a deep dive
off the deep end.
now they’ll deep-six me
in the deep blue sea,
deep in the weeds – the seaweeds.

i’m not a deep thinker but
still waters run deep and
digging deep,
deep down,
i expected this.

my beauty is not just skin deep.
i have a deep knowledge of my job,
my loyalty runs deep.
but my past, once a deep, dark secret,
is now known to all, not just on deep background,
the facts discovered courtesy of my employer’s
deep pockets.

let me take a deep breath.
spare me your deepest sympathy.
my obit will be shallow.

for Stream of Consciousness Saturday


what is lackluster
in nature untouched by us
i do lack luster

for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge