Home Sweet Home

Here it is. Kansas Corners, Hubbard, Ohio. My hometown.

I live in the brick building on the left, second floor. An apartment much like that which Charles Portis lived in (author of True Grit and Dog of the South). Different state but similar ambiance.

I walk out the door in the morning and cross “the corners” catty corner to Katy’s Corner for a light breakfast. Then next door to the massage parlour where I spend the day helping to align chakras with my bare hands.

There are about eight thousand souls in Hubbard. I haven’t handled any of the souls but I’ve handled many of their earthly containers. You could say I’m in touch with the populace.

for April Writing Prompts

2 Responses

  1. What is Kansas Corners? I would like to join in the prompt but I don’t know what to write! If I lived in Ohio I would come for some Chakra balancing. I need it!

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