life lesson for the young

three line tales, week 218: a woman drinking coffee with laptop and guitar

what do we never do?


put our coffee cup on our laptop next to the keyboard.

for Three Line Tales

Home Sweet Home

Here it is. Kansas Corners, Hubbard, Ohio. My hometown.

I live in the brick building on the left, second floor. An apartment much like that which Charles Portis lived in (author of True Grit and Dog of the South). Different state but similar ambiance.

I walk out the door in the morning and cross “the corners” catty corner to Katy’s Corner for a light breakfast. Then next door to the massage parlour where I spend the day helping to align chakras with my bare hands.

There are about eight thousand souls in Hubbard. I haven’t handled any of the souls but I’ve handled many of their earthly containers. You could say I’m in touch with the populace.

for April Writing Prompts


bouyant continents
plates drifting on molten rock
i sink in the pool

for Word of the Day Challenge


evolution knows
no impetus to act
i live randomly

for Your Daily Word Prompt


the world is always
open but not always safe
i hike mount hua shan

for Discover Prompts


my buddy fred caught a rat and he’s keeping it in a cage, which i think is mean. i told him to let the rat go but he wouldn’t so to teach him a lesson, i locked him in our clubhouse.

my mom found out i was out of our house when i wasn’t supposed to be and she locked me in my room. she says she’s confined to the house with me by the mayor’s and governor’s orders and she can’t go out or she’ll violate her parole and be sent back to jail.

i want to tell her about fred but i don’t want her to go out to free him and then get sent back to jail.

i shouldn’t have locked him up but i wanted to teach him a lesson, which i am definitely learning meself at this point: don’t lock anybody up! unless it’s for their own good, i mean. for the rat, it wasn’t for his own good.

for Tale Weaver


more men than women
in china post one-child rule
lots of lonely guys

for Ragtag Daily Prompt


life sprouts where it will
greenery festoons the lost
my home is a yurt

for Crimson’s Creative Challenge


sun before setting
gold mellow tired satisfied
i rock on my porch

for Thursday Photo Prompt


aggressive humans
fight stronger predators which
includes their own kind

for Reena’s Exploration Challenge