after the plague


when the pandemic struck and people started dying in large numbers, i expected the cities to empty. I expected chaos and roaming gangs, but no, none of that happened. folks hunkered down. they went without food. they respected each other. very few filled a backpack and headed out into the countryside.

so when i left the city and avoided the suburbs and towns and villages, traveling into the wilderness, away from the pestilence, i found myself alone, somewhat untrained and unprepared. where was i to find water and something to eat? that was the main thing. i had brought some provisions but these were quickly exhausted. i had parked my truck and went on foot up a game trail, to avoid any contact with folks on the road.

fortunately, i met a homeless geezer, a hermit, a wanderer, a hobo, a loner who was willing to abide a single partner, me. His name was Eben, short for Ebeneezer, and he knew how to survive alone in the woods and he found the act of mentoring agreeable.

whence i came to be a homeless geezer, a hermit, a wanderer, a hobo, a loner looking for one companion after Eben passed on.


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