fork in the road

in life, we make decisions. go this way or go that way?

we make some decisions based on the promptings of our conscience. some are a product of spontaneous inspiration. Some are a coin flip.

this does not change throughout our lives. it is to be hoped that with age comes wisdom but there is no guarantee of this. anger, prejudice, or ignorance may overmaster our compassion or common sense.

mable, for example, joined a senior taggers group and was developing quite a distinctive style and a reputation for flair when her meth habit led her to a different group and a propensity for painting gang graffiti in heaven spots.

for Sunday Muse

8 Responses

  1. A lot of truth in your intro here. I like the twist and example of Mable’s choices at the end. Glad you joined us for the Muse! Be safe and have a good rest of your weekend. šŸ˜Ž

  2. LOL. Granny with a meth habit. Great.

  3. By the time I reached the end of your contribution, laughter could not be contained!! Love it.

  4. LOL, the twist at the end made me grin. Cool!

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