the only ninny
that nature has evolved is
the human ninny

for Word of the Day Challenge

Dear Diary

First of all, I apologize for calling you Dairy yesterday. I feel sheepish, no, cowish.

School and everything else is out due to the virus. I am left to my own devices. But what are my devices? I wear braces but I can’t spend my days trying to clean the food out of them. I’m allowed an hour a day on my phone, plus another couple of hours I sneak. My fork and spoon are devices, and my fingers, all of which I use more than I should at the kitchen table. Are my cats devices? Is my little brother a device? Am I to devise devices?

Bottom line, I’m leaving myself to my own devices.

for Sunday Writing Prompt


nature has its way
can we not pray about this
it’s not that simple

for The Twiglets


roadcut’s rock layers
land plants sea mud life land plants
like my fish sandwich

for RagTag Daily Prompt

at mercy hospital

my heart took charge this morning and my mind did not fight it. i dressed, had a light breakfast, and rode my bike to the mercy hospital emergency room. there was already a line. i was a candy striper at mercy in high school and i still have connections there. the staff was glad to have me but did warn me about the infection rate among those exposed to the virus. i spent the day bringing donated coffee and pastries to those waiting and listening to their concerns, both the ill and their families. we’re all in this together.

for Flash Fiction Challenge


Was visiting my gold mines in Minas Gerais and decided to hop over the border to Brasilia to see an old friend (that’s his place above) in the low-income Taguatinga neighborhood in the capitol.

Brasilia has always been overcrowded and that hasn’t changed since my last visit. Millions with inadequate sanitation. Many without safe drinking water. Shoutout to Habitat for Humanity for doing good work here. Saw a picture of President Carter the other day, in his nineties and recovered from a brain tumor, driving nails at a new house. A modern-day saint.

Unfortunately, in this time of pandemic Bolsanero has invited crowds to Brasilia, taking the “this pandemic is no big thing” stance. I’m pausing my mines as soon as the first case of covid-19 is recorded in them.

for What Pegman Saw


universe composed
of the unseen, governing
life death existence

for Haikai Challenge


no fantasy in
the real world as brute nature
leaves all that to us

for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge

fork in the road

in life, we make decisions. go this way or go that way?

we make some decisions based on the promptings of our conscience. some are a product of spontaneous inspiration. Some are a coin flip.

this does not change throughout our lives. it is to be hoped that with age comes wisdom but there is no guarantee of this. anger, prejudice, or ignorance may overmaster our compassion or common sense.

mable, for example, joined a senior taggers group and was developing quite a distinctive style and a reputation for flair when her meth habit led her to a different group and a propensity for painting gang graffiti in heaven spots.

for Sunday Muse

learning about cigars

my partner is learning english. as a fun part of the enterprise, she has been studying idioms in the language. recently, she told me that what this country needs is a good five-cent cigar. she had been handed a cigar at work to which a tag was attached reading “Congratulations! It’s a boy!” and had responded “Close, but no cigar!” which got her a raised eyebrow from the new father.

She had stopped on the way home at our local smoke shop (which these days focuses on vaping and recreational weed) and picked up a couple of stogies. Each cost a lot more than a nickel. She was curious about the expression “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” Hasn’t got back to me on her research on that one.

for Sunday Photo Fiction