big wheel

he’s a big wheel. he wheels and deals.
he likes to wheel out his escalade and
wheel it into the company lot
and park next to my kia and instead of well, well, well
at the wheel he says wheel, wheel, wheel,
look at my set of wheels.
he says, honey you are asleep at the wheel,
you are a fifth wheel,
whereas i am hell on wheels.
but i say, i’m the one with my shoulder to the wheel.
i grease the wheels around here.
he wants to walk around me and kick my wheels.
wants to treat me like a meal on wheels.
wants to get at my wheel within a wheel.
i don’t want to reinvent the wheel
but i don’t want to spin my wheels.
i’m the squeaky wheel.
so the wheels are turning.
the wheel of fortune is turning my way
while his wheels are coming off.
i’m wheeling about.
the wheel has turned full circle.
i’ve put a spoke in his wheel.
he’s running on his rims.

for Weekend Challenge

One Response

  1. Haha! Loved your response to our challenge. Thank you for joining us 🙂

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