I’ve led a busy and productive life. Started out as the hot new item. Got a job straightaway. They worked me hard. Articles to write, deadlines to meet. This was at the Daily News. Time passed. I worked seven days a week. Became a grizzled old pro. I was still going strong but they retired me. Not just that; my kind become obsolete. Stored away or melted down or buried in landfills. But the world turns. Now I’m vintage. $700 and my new owner sits on her veranda on mild spring mornings typing her thoughts into a never-ending memoir.

for Friday Fictioneers

8 Responses

  1. Could be any one of us.

  2. Glad she found a new owner.

  3. Hopefully we all get to be “vintage” some day.

  4. Good title. At first I thought it was a person and enjoyed the twist that it was the typewriter.

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