quarantined at home
at first we argue but then
we see each other

for dVerse poetics

12 Responses

  1. Aww yes….strange situations can grow a relationship. Love it.

  2. So much meaning in this haiku. Well done!

  3. Yes…but sometimes we don’t like what we see. Pregnancies and divorces will surge on the other end.

    • when this is over, i guess that we’ll have several million stories, each one unique, many involving the death of a loved one.

      probably many movies on the subject as well.

  4. I time to connect, in new/old ways.

  5. I agree with Glenn.

  6. I like how we see each other in this quarantine.

  7. Very well done. Looks like we were both thinking the same thing.

  8. yes, just so (K)

  9. Simple wisdom, this.
    Hard won, these realizations and appreciations.

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