humans circling earth
look down on the whole of it
their home suspended

for Imaginary Garden with Real Toads

Fibbing Friday

  1. Why was Eric the Red called Eric the Red?
    eric was red
  2. Why did Christopher Columbus sail west?
    east, north, and south hadn’t been invented yet
  3. Who were the Vikings?
    scandinavians who viked.
  4. What is a scullery maid?
    a maid up to scullduggery
  5. What is a dumb waiter?
  6. How did British sailors earn the moniker, Limeys?
    you’re asking how did British sailors earn a moniker, Buddy?
  7. How did U.S. troops earn the moniker, Yanks?
    you’re asking how did u.s. troops earn one of these monikers, too, ‘nother Buddy?
  8. What is borscht?
    sorry, this is a family page
  9. Who were the Bolsheviks?
    ballet dancers
  10. What was the original purpose of the Great Wall of China?
    to keep the pet dogs from roaming?

for Fibbing Friday


oh! she said.
oho! he said.
ooh! she said.
uh oh! he said.
oh no! she said.
doh! he said.
pooh! she said.
oh well, he said.

for Stream of Consciousness Saturday


she owns my heart but
doesn’t yet know it; i’d own hers
but she hasn’t got one

for Thursday Inspiration


ruler with ruler
defines wilderness area
need better ruler

for Fandango’s One Word Challenge


broken promises
then broken environment
then broken future

for Ragtag Daily Prompt


brisk day
brisk walk
brisket for dinner

for Your Daily Word Prompt


those not jittery
around humans in the wild
are not doing well

for Word of the Day Challenge