The Naughty Prophet from National Security

I watched this film last night. Herewith, my hot take:

The movie is hilarious and suitable for the whole family.

Miles Rudder is a coder at the NSA. During his off time, he controls a religious sect, acting as, yes, its prophet.

Miles is quite the software guy. He teaches a Sunday School class for kids how to hack into their parental and family computers, just for fun.

Initially, the kids alter recipes and we smile at the dinnertime results.

Next, they tweak the parental online calendars and we laugh as Mom and Dad are sent haring around the county.

Then they hack into the companies where Mom and Dad work and compromise their work computers. We hold our sides chortling as we watch the wacky antics at the court trials.

You get the idea.

Streaming on Netflix.

for B Movie Blogging Challenge

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