many cloudy draws
where i grew up probably
with those ghost riders

for Imaginary Garden with Real Toads

New Star

“Oh, my head.”

“Welcome back to the land of the living.”

“What happened?”

“What’s the last thing you remember?”

“We were going to a performance. Outdoors.”

“A play, actually.”

“Did we go? I remember we were smoking and drinking in the car.”

“This is your second blackout drunk. You’d better get help.”

“Jeez. I can’t remember anything at all. What happened?”

“You had quite a night.”

“Come on, spill the beans. What happened?”

“Check your phone.”

“Wait a second… Is that me?”

“Taking a curtain call.”

“I’m… I’ve got nothing. Tell me.”

“They asked for volunteers from the audience to form a Greek chorus. You were the first one up on the stage. They handed out copies of the script.”

“Holy cow, a Greek chorus… What is a Greek chorus?”

“A cross between narrator and cheerleaders, the way you guys did it. You, though, you were twice as loud as any of the others but it wasn’t a bad thing. Your voice was so deep and low… You found a whole other register. It just stood out and you sounded like you meant it, like you were about to break out and take the whole thing over the top. I was holding my breath and then the applause and cheering started.”

“My God. Grass and booze did all that and all I get for it is a headache?”

“Girl, they want you back tonight.”

for Menage Monday


leave the city behind
in wilderness stand still
majestic feeling

for Poets Pub Poetics

at the bedside

my great-grandfather lay near death, breath weezing.

“give me a kiss, my darling granddaughter,” he, yes, weezed.

i gave him a last dying kiss. but i mean, whew, his breath.

we sat for a bit, me waiting for my sinuses to clear, and then he repeated his request. i leaned forward and obliged.

the second last dying kiss was tough as the first.

after four of these, i spoke.

“Are you hungry, great-grandfather?”

“I could eat,” he said.

for Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge


Kids at the local schools tp (toilet-paper) houses for a prank.

Amaryllis, however, attends the Grenoblirich Academy for the Gifted. perhaps the primier academic institution in the nation (and the most expensive).

Google images

for Photo Challenge

The Naughty Prophet from National Security

I watched this film last night. Herewith, my hot take:

The movie is hilarious and suitable for the whole family.

Miles Rudder is a coder at the NSA. During his off time, he controls a religious sect, acting as, yes, its prophet.

Miles is quite the software guy. He teaches a Sunday School class for kids how to hack into their parental and family computers, just for fun.

Initially, the kids alter recipes and we smile at the dinnertime results.

Next, they tweak the parental online calendars and we laugh as Mom and Dad are sent haring around the county.

Then they hack into the companies where Mom and Dad work and compromise their work computers. We hold our sides chortling as we watch the wacky antics at the court trials.

You get the idea.

Streaming on Netflix.

for B Movie Blogging Challenge

Happy Wife, Happy Life

I found a happy woman and made her my wife. Then I learned that I was supposed to keep her happy. I hadn’t realized that.

I tried this and that. She says I didn’t. Finally, I made her happy by letting her go. She says she’s having a happy life but the saying hasn’t worked for me.

for Twittering Tales


no tips in the hat
dude we’re in a freakin swamp
this gig is the pits

The image is from Pixabay, by Michael Seibt
for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday Weekly Poetry Challenge


spiders have eight legs
they’re good at catching insects
humans cook their meals

for I Write Her Weekly Haiku Challenge


why are things such a mess
all manner of reasons
why can’t it be fixed
no manner of reasons

for Fandango’s One Word Prompt