My first day of college.

I sat in my assigned dorm room at my desk. I had chosen a bed. The one next to the window. And the desk, of course. Had unrolled a little rug beside the bed.

My new roommate arrived within the hour. This was in the afternoon. My parents were on their way back home.

The dorm was on a hill and the room had a view out over the campus. I didn’t get up to shake my new roommate’s hand. His name was Ben. I wanted to be cool but that was a mistake. He was a jock, star of his high school football team, his father a well-known doctor. I was just… some guy. He told me a year later (we roomed together for two years) that it bothered him when I didn’t get up.

He was ok with the other bed and desk.

Now came the moment of truth. I had debated for a month whether to bring one of my stuffies. Finally went with Pokie, the little dog. In the room, I debated whether to hide him and smuggle him out in the night. I decided to be true to myself and sat him on my pillow.

“I have a dog at home,” Ben said.

“What kind?” I said.

“Just a mutt. A rescue dog.”

“Was it tough to leave him?” I said.

“To tell you the truth, I cried,” Ben said. “I like yours.”

for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge.

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