i jog past a fig tree every day, which stands near the road in front of a house. the figs are ripe and some branches hang over the fence. no sign of figs on the ground, which means the owners are carefully harvesting the ripe fruit from the tree.

yesterday for the first time i saw a woman in the front yard, doing something with her coral bells. she waved and i waved and then when i glanced up at the figs, she told me to take all i wanted; the tree was prolific.

i said how about one or two a day as i pass and she said that would be great. which it was.


for The Weekly Smile

3 Responses

  1. Cool, fresh off the tree figs without worrying about angry owners…

  2. in my experience most neighborhood figs don’t get eaten, but that doesn’t mean the owners are cool about a little gleaning… šŸ™‚

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