My first day of college.

I sat in my assigned dorm room at my desk. I had chosen a bed. The one next to the window. And the desk, of course. Had unrolled a little rug beside the bed.

My new roommate arrived within the hour. This was in the afternoon. My parents were on their way back home.

The dorm was on a hill and the room had a view out over the campus. I didn’t get up to shake my new roommate’s hand. His name was Ben. I wanted to be cool but that was a mistake. He was a jock, star of his high school football team, his father a well-known doctor. I was just… some guy. He told me a year later (we roomed together for two years) that it bothered him when I didn’t get up.

He was ok with the other bed and desk.

Now came the moment of truth. I had debated for a month whether to bring one of my stuffies. Finally went with Pokie, the little dog. In the room, I debated whether to hide him and smuggle him out in the night. I decided to be true to myself and sat him on my pillow.

“I have a dog at home,” Ben said.

“What kind?” I said.

“Just a mutt. A rescue dog.”

“Was it tough to leave him?” I said.

“To tell you the truth, I cried,” Ben said. “I like yours.”

for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge.


all land air water
teemed with every sort of life
then the white man came

The family, the clan, the tribe, the nation. Humans are good at surviving, thriving, adapting, expanding, but only in cohesive groups. When group meets group, that’s another story.

for dVerse Poets Pubs Haibun Monday

i jog past a fig tree every day, which stands near the road in front of a house. the figs are ripe and some branches hang over the fence. no sign of figs on the ground, which means the owners are carefully harvesting the ripe fruit from the tree.

yesterday for the first time i saw a woman in the front yard, doing something with her coral bells. she waved and i waved and then when i glanced up at the figs, she told me to take all i wanted; the tree was prolific.

i said how about one or two a day as i pass and she said that would be great. which it was.


for The Weekly Smile


rat coyote deer
sniff listen sense but only
humans out of place

for BrewNSpew Cafe


to wake in the night
lying on a cot in woods
what makes that strange wail

for Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge


sea otter pups play
their mother watches as we
watch our kids surfing

for V.J.’s Weekly Challenge


park animals dodge
as we walk through their forest
we dodge the joggers

for Pic and a Word Challenge

gull with broken wing
patiently waits; i forget
my broken shoulder

for Fandango One Word Prompt

(the bird was saved)


pure running water
full electrification
it’s our humble home

for Your Daily Word Prompt


forty-six million
young turkeys killed for this year’s
thanksgiving dinner

for Your Daily Word Prompt