Christmas Spirit

Alastair and Ansley are aristocratic twins. Alastair is herald to the queen. When he sings in the shower, his brother pops into the bathing area and commences his own song, overtopping his brother with

Hark the herald numbskull sings, glory to the rather elderly queen.

and forthwith, dueling in volume, will his brother respond with

Joy to the world, the fool hath come.

and next their dad, with

Silent night, holy night, or you’re both banished to the unheated servant’s quarters.

for The 3 Things Challenge

The Daily Four Q & A

for The Daily Four

What do you feel about charity really and should we give to charity and if we should, what should we give?

Give till it hurts.

Why do people donate to charities?

a] Belief in organisation?

b] Good deed for the day?

c] The feel good factor

d] Making a difference?

e] Other?

Ask why a person does something and you’ll probably get it wrong. Hard enough to know why you yourself do anything.

What’s a penny to you as in ‘See a Penny .. think of what?

a] Every Penny Counts

b] Pick it up!

c] There isn’t a bad penny?

d] Worth every penny?

e] Other?

Copper pollution

If you were asked to donate a single penny, cent as in a a single unit of the lowest of currencies for your country, would you or would you?

a] Just donate the penny?

b] Donate more than that single penny?

c] Donate nothing, no pennies?

d] Only donate online?

e] Something else?

I’d donate a convenient but reasonable amount (ignoring questions of sanity)


mosquitoes about
their whine, silence, their light touch
slap before thinking

for Carpe Diem Haiku


found a bone splinter
in leg of a deer carcass
needle to stitch pelts

for Ragtag Daily Prompt


Rebeca Cygnus Photography

to reach wilderness
in times like these a dream may
be necessary

for The Sunday Muse


our descent from trees
happened a long time ago
children climb back up

for Your Daily Word Prompt


in the wilderness
life and death seem closer than
in my cubicle

for Word of the Day Challenge