campbells soup
created in 1869
has fed many generations
once a pop icon
posters still up on walls
glory not yet faded completely
but soup sales are down
way down
campbells faces bankruptcy

for dVerse Poets Pub

12 Responses

  1. Those cans may become antiques one day.

    • i have a largish collection of coke bottles. i used to buy them in the store, drink the coke, and keep the bottle for the town name on the bottom. had a map with pins in it. my one collection. broke my heart when they quit using the old 6 and 6.5 oz bottles.

  2. Surely an icon when I was a kid–Campbells tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. There is a lot of healthier competition now. I didn’t know they were facing bankruptcy but I guess it’s not surprising.

  3. I really like the twist!

  4. Well, that was a tight commentary or was it a poem? Nice

  5. Nice twist – the image commenting on the banality of a soup can might outlast the soup can themselves.

  6. Campbell’s bankruptcy?? For real?? A lot of households will have to shut down!

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