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The moon is no big deal. It’s just a big rock, my dad used to say. Four and a half billion years old, just sitting there.

Every once and a while a meteorite hits it and grinds up a little dust.

It can look good when it’s big and orange on the horizon but don’t be fooled. It’s just a big rock.

My dad is up there. He made it there ok but couldn’t get back. He spoke to us before he died. He was standing outside his ship up to his ankles in moon dust. He apologized to my mom but she didn’t accept his apology. She scolded him while my sister and I listened.

She’s still mad about it five years later. She remarried . My sister says it was for spite. Getting married again didn’t make her happy. I know that for sure.

So I don’t respect the moon. They say there’s a little ice on it that you could break down for its hydrogen and oxygen but I don’t know the details. Otherwise it’s just used as a garage and gas station on the way to Mars.

Which is why I don’t know why I’ve made up my mind the way I have. I haven’t told anybody, not my buddies, not my sister, not my mom. Now that I’m graduating from high school, it’s going to have to come out. I don’t need my mom’s permission to enlist but she’ll find out when I do. It’ll be in the local news and she’ll know anyway that I haven’t applied for college.

Nobody says it out loud but I know that I’ll be accepted into the program because my dad is still up there. I’ll go up and stand at his grave. I don’t have any plans after that.

for Foto Flash Fiction Challenge and The Twiglets

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6 Responses

  1. Good take on the prompts. A lot of information conveyed about the characters in just a few lines.

  2. Oh my, I really liked it. Great job! I won’t get to write mine until tomorrow…too much life right now. LOL!

  3. Beautiful and powerful words. Nicely done!

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