Fibbing Friday

1. What is an earwig? something my one-year-old wants to eat
2. Do echoes get frustrated hearing themselves all the time? there are male and female echos, which helps
3. A stitch in time may save nine, but what happens if you haven’t got a needle? superglue
4. What is the truth about cats and dogs? recent studies show that some cats are born thinking they are dogs and vice versa
5. Why do they call it a hairpin bend? in the romance languages, “bend” is female
6. What is toad in the hole? i eat what my wife makes. i don’t ask questions
7. What are the bear necessities? honey and a place to conk out in winter
8. What is hopscotch? i can no longer hop. bunions.
9. Maggie may and Prudence is dear, but what is Simon? they say simon says and simon is simple but i say my wife should throw him out of her book club
10. What are skinny jeans? i know two jeans and believe me, they ain’t skinny

for Fibbing Friday

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3 Responses

  1. These are great answers Joe! Another Fibbing Friday is being posted tomorrow. Hope to see you!!

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