Hole in the Wall

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We built a clubhouse on the edge of the woods. Boys only. We used scrap lumber from construction sites around town. It had a single room and a door with a padlock on it.

We left some holes in the walls for communication with anyone outside. Kept the holes covered otherwise. Brought some old chairs and a table and made some shelves for our stuff.

We had a thing with the girls where they could bring something to trade through the hole in front. Candy, prizes from the gumball machines, comic books, trading cards. Like that.

One day Evie came needing a present for her brother. I had a bag of marbles, which she thought would be perfect. All she had to trade were some movie magazines that I didn’t want. She didn’t beg or plead, just gave me a look.

I’ll give you the marbles, I said, if you’ll have a coke or some ice cream with me down at Milly’s.

She thought about it and I noticed my heart start thumping.

When she agreed and left, the guys started kidding me. It was my first date and it went ok.


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  1. A charming little tale. I hope it was true.

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