Advances in technology made finding a needle in a haystack easy.

John incorporated as “John’s Needle Company.”

He took orders. The demand for needles was huge.

He flew to the Midwest in the United States.

He discovered, sadly, that haystacks are a thing of the past.

for 5 Lines or Less In Other Words


grasshoppers spit when
picked up by grandfather who
spits a brown stream back

for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai


much sea is desert
anoxic lifeless until
toxic algae blooms

for Daily Addictions


talked to a homeless guy today
we sat under a tree in the shade
but it was hot anyway
he was ripe
i’d been running so i was too
no water between us

he did the talking
first about his health
a melanoma in one eye
he felt good though
second about his addictions
i gave him a five
third about the bush he slept under
he said it was the safest place to be

he didn’t get around to friends or family
or his youth or professional history
he was living in the moment
which is what you’re supposed to do, right?

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Google Images

our modern cities
depend on concrete; they’re not
as interesting

for Photo Challenge

Beneath the Waters

beneath the waters, my soul…
but hang on. does this mean beneath the surface of the waters
or under some water and over some water
or just in the water?
or wait, waters is plural. underwater in more than one place?
beneath the surface of sea. lake, river, pond, puddle, my soul…
or no, metaphorical water…

beneath the waters, down in the mud… nah

beneath the waters of my soul, my soul is… swimming…

beneath the air… what does that even mean?

beneath the ground, there is water, and my soul…

this is tougher than i thought it would be

for Go Dog Go Tuesday Writing Prompt

Canary Islands

Photo by noelsch at

The world’s largest telescope was built in the Canary Islands. King Juan Carlos I of Spain officially inaugurated the telescope July 24, 2009.

With the King and his guests in attendance, the first object photographed, due to an error in the declination setting, was this canary.

for Tuesday Twittering Tales


elbow room in woods
vacant areas that suggest
life has gone missing

for Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge


our mother earth is
showing some cracks, aged like an
overworked geisha

for I Write Her Weekly Haiku Challenge


slow loris above
makes his way along watched by
elderly tourists

for Ragtag Daily Prompt