elusive species
hunted by humans who are
not so elusive

for Ragtag Daily Prompt


looking for zest in the city
warm zephyr wafting
zig-zagging along
seeing some zeal on the street
couple zen types
also a lot of zombies
it’s sort of a zoo zone
but no zebras ha ha

for Word of the Day Challenge


ready set go
i’m playing a game called Set
you set yourself down
and the problem set for you is
to find sets of matching cards
fast enough to set a new record
when i do badly it don’t set too good with me

for dVerse Poets Pub


after fifty years of marriage
some differences between us remain unbridgeable
except by silence

for Reena’s Exploration Challenge


a lion’s kill is
ghoulish to see but also
perfectly normal

for BrewNSpew Cafe


A grandmother (Anne) living with her family down on the corner occasionally wanders (Alzheimers). I found her this morning sitting in my garden gazebo.

The air was indian-summer soft. Birds busy in the woods. I called Anne’s daughter. Then we had coffee and a pastry and I escorted her home.

for The Weekly Smile


moths fill the air near
our lantern at night while we
sit around the fire

for Ronovan Write Poetry Prompt Challenge