i spent one year in
meditation and to see
a hummingbird walk

for Carpe Diem

thanksgiving proposal

Photo Courtesy of Barb Crews

Is the day before Thanksgiving the busiest travel day in the U.S.? I think so. Seemed like it the year I was to fly back to Toledo to meet my girlfriend’s family and propose to her after dinner. That was my plan, the proposal. I wasn’t firm on the timing.

In the terminal, waiting to board, elbow-to-elbow with my fellow travelers bound for Ohio, I had a premonition. Our plane was going to crash. No argument.

This was my second premonition. As a teenager, while driving down the road, I had an idea that I was going to lose control of the car and hit a tree. The thought was so clear to me that I panicked and hit a tree.

I left the line waiting to board. I left the security area. Before ordering a ride back to my place, I called my girlfriend.

“You had a premonition?” she said.

“I did. I think the plane is going to crash.”

“Is the weather bad?”


“Please go back inside and get back in line. We’ll see you when you get here.”

for Sunday Photo Fiction


if a task is impossible
if survival is impossible
should we try anyway
or, if not, how to spend our time

for Ragtag Daily Prompt and Sunday Writing Prompt/Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie


frisson traverses
zebra herd at lion’s roar
city fire alarms

for Word of the Day Challenge

muse gigs

“The Weight of Groans” Photography by Julie de Waroquier

world situation being what it is
we’re seeing a shortage of muses available
to help you with your artistic project
it’s a creative climate change
good artists becoming extinct

for The Sunday Muse