My Feet

Photo courtesy of DB McNicol via Pixabay

Can you wear Jimmy Choo’s and have healthy feet? Not if you’re me, you can’t. I’ve got a pump bump, damaged ankles, metatarsal problems, and hammer toes. My husband doesn’t want to hear my complaints until I get out of the shoes I’ve been wearing and I don’t blame him.

Parenthetically, he also believes that I pay too much for too frequent haircuts and don’t get paid enough at work. Can’t argue with him there.

Nor about the shoes. I live in Tulsa and I saw the object pictured above as I was getting gas one day with my dogs barking and inspiration struck. Don’t know why. The word “flats,” I guess.

Not just any flats, however. I needed flats with nice rounded toes. My feet spread out after our third child. Pictured below is the shoe style I chose and it has worked very well for me.

for Foto Flash Fiction Challenge

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  1. Great little post! Thanks so much for joining in the fun…I’m heading off to finally write my post. LOL!

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