a little sound comes
something in the other room
computer up mouse ready

for Daily Addictions


Commissioned Piece (Untitled)
Used with Permission

the owl moved out
lights castles balloons low moon
too much going on

for Imaginary Garden


kid sees the strange plans
understands when he watches
the beavers build it

for Write Now Prompt

Life Story

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

The picture is of the place where the high point of my life happened. I was eleven. It was a ball game. As far as I’m concerned, that’s the story of my life, right there.

My therapist says no. The story of my life has a beginning, a middle, and the end, which is whenever I’m thinking about my life story.

My birth and youth, with some parental backstory, that’s the beginning. School and marriage and kids and work, that’s the middle, up till now, which is the end. All I can say is, some story.

for Friday Fictioneers

My Feet

Photo courtesy of DB McNicol via Pixabay

Can you wear Jimmy Choo’s and have healthy feet? Not if you’re me, you can’t. I’ve got a pump bump, damaged ankles, metatarsal problems, and hammer toes. My husband doesn’t want to hear my complaints until I get out of the shoes I’ve been wearing and I don’t blame him.

Parenthetically, he also believes that I pay too much for too frequent haircuts and don’t get paid enough at work. Can’t argue with him there.

Nor about the shoes. I live in Tulsa and I saw the object pictured above as I was getting gas one day with my dogs barking and inspiration struck. Don’t know why. The word “flats,” I guess.

Not just any flats, however. I needed flats with nice rounded toes. My feet spread out after our third child. Pictured below is the shoe style I chose and it has worked very well for me.

for Foto Flash Fiction Challenge


consider the tast
taste it
tastic rice
so tasty
chocolate Tastetations
but may cause entastic spasms and metastasis
possible atasthalia in choosing your diet
get to doctor stat (tast anagram)

or am i just being a phantast

for Stream of Consciousness Saturday


in animal world
there is little insanity
mostly poor choices

for Ragtag Daily Prompt


let nature dictate
who survives who goes away
our acts are input

for Your Daily Word Prompt


clean rivers running
skies full of migrating birds
seems like yesterday

for Word of the Day Challenge