marsh ducks cattails mist
memories of my lost youth
land for sale, drained

for Tale Weaver


storm brings ocean surge
boiling over hotel beach
pool under water

for Heeding Haiku with Chèvrefeuille


wild fig drops ripe fruit
no new fig trees seen nearby
where do the seeds go
away in bird bellies or
for sale at farmers market

for dVerse Poets Pub


unreachable itch
inspiration when i see
bear scratch back on tree

for Your Daily Word Prompt


hare barely escapes
cheetah’s rush across flat ground
i run from bully
playground of hot flat asphalt
no rabbit hole to bolt down

for Word of the Day Challenge

end of the rainbow

photo by Sara Riaño via Unsplash

blind man trips over pot of gold

gets up

keeps walking

for Three Line Tales


new layer of leaves
more humus for the forest
our layers are paved

for Thursday Photo Prompt